The German Society of Cell Biology, DGZ, was founded in 1975 with the aim to bring together scientists based in German research institutions working on various biological processes occurring within cells, the basic units of life. Today, cell biology is a very diverse and highly interdisciplinary area of research that deals with the spatial and temporal organization of cells at different levels of complexity. Research ranges from molecular mechanisms and subcellular organization to cellular communication, formation of tissues and function of whole organisms. While cell biology research is an important area of basic research it is also directly relevant to a wide range of applied sciences such as in biotechnology or medicine. The major aim of the DGZ is to foster interactions among all types of cell biologists through networking activities at the national and international level. In addition, the DGZ is proud to acknowledge outstanding contributions to cell biology through a range of prestigious awards that cover all scientific career stages. The DGZ is a non-profit organization and largely supported by its membership subscriptions. The constitution of the DGZ is available here.

Why should I become a member of the DGZ?

The DGZ is committed to promote early career and established scientists working on different aspects of cell biology. As a member of the DGZ, you will benefit from

  • Networking opportunities within a strong community of well-established scientists in Germany
  • Updated information on ongoing research and state-of-the-art technical developments in the field through our regular focus workshops organized by our specific workgroups.
  • Increased visibility through participation in national and international meetings organized by the DGZ community
  • Recognition of achievements through nominations to prizes awarded to DGZ members on a yearly basis